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Somebody's Gotta Do It...

NYS Canal Corp was busy on the Erie Canal at Lyons Drydock early yesterday morning with the first "splash" of the 2022 boating season. Canal gates and waterways officially open on May 20.

Some of the best, most fantastic, awesome, wonderful, caring, and pride-filled volunteers in Wayne County will be at the Lyons Dock and Canalbank this Saturday- (9:00 AM- 12:00 PM). Be there and protect your reputation! Thanks to those of you who have donated to the cause - much appreciated.... Pizza and group photo of the wonderful Lyons volunteers for Canal Corporation promo at noon.

EXTRA: BE A SOMEBODY- Greeters urgently, urgently, urgently needed to welcome worldwide tourists to this beautiful location in the summer of 2022. Thank you in advance from boaters, bikers, hikers, and many tourists.

-Bob Stopper: Cell 315-573-1068

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