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Linda Stevenson

Linda Stevenson is Research Specialist for the Museum of Wayne County History. She is a past president of the Newark-Arcadia Historical Society and a former writer for the Sun & Record newspaper in Williamson. This lifelong Wayne County resident also writes occasional "Looking Back in Wayne County" articles for the Finger Lakes Times.


Bob Stopper

Bob is best known as a volunteer boat greeter, a Lyons promoter, and an Erie Canal Ambassador. He and a group of volunteers have welcomed over 1000 boats from around the world to the Lyons community. He enjoys boating, fishing, hiking, exploring blue highways with his wife Vickie, and spoiling his grandchildren. 


WC Bicentennial

In 2019, The Wayne County Board of Supervisors appointed Gene Bavis, Walworth Town Historian, and in 2021, Town of Huron Historian Rosa Fox as co-chairs of a Bicentennial Committee to plan and coordinate activities related to a celebration of Wayne County's unique heritage.

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