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The Wayne County Bicentennial Committee is sharing, honoring, and celebrating Wayne County's history and heritage. Wayne County New York was "born" on April 11, 1823 and was named after General Anthony Wayne.

Countdown to the Wayne County Bicentennial Celebration!
Join The 200 Club!
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Thank You To Our Sponsors!

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Bicentennial Event Overview


Wayne County and the Bicentennial Committee are 

getting ready to celebrate 200 YEARS.

You read that right, 200 years!

Please consider helping us honor Wayne County's history and heritage by donating to our World Class Celebration in 2023.

Below you can donate $25, $50, $100,

or any amount you'd like to specify.

Thank you in advance for your support.

We can't wait to celebrate 200 years with you!

200 Club


To commemorate our 200-year celebration, the Bicentennial Committee is launching an exclusive Wayne County 200 Club!

By donating at the $200 level, you will be joining a special group and the first 200 members will receive a handcrafted engraved Crystal Apple from

The MacIntosh Company as a token of our appreciation.

The 3-1-5ers Club!

The Wayne County Historical Society and the Wayne County Bicentennial Committee are teaming up to offer an exclusive Crystal Apple and customizable granite base for those who donate at the $315 level. 
The first and last lines of the "Ye Hills of Wayne" poem by Mary Ashley Townsend are beautifully engraved in the black granite base. Added will be a name you choose to acknowledge a relative, friend, or a loved one past/present whose heart lies in a special place in Wayne County.
Get yours today!

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