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A Weekend Report on the Erie - Yah Ist!

I met many bikers and hikers this past week, including Joe and Sherry from Washington, DC, celebrating 50 years of marital bliss and stopping in Lyons to see a lock in operation and learn a bit of canal history. They had been sent here by our network in Penn Yan. We walked up to Abbey Park and photographed the signage.

Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage on the Erie Canal

Two rental boats arrived mid-day on Friday but moved on to Newark after quickly walking our uptown- downtown. Two visitors had visited Lyons in 2012 and said they noticed a considerable change in the "downtown" since that time. I "accidentally" met them later in the day in Newark.

Around mid-day on Friday, Loopers Orin & Sherry Riddell arrived aboard GREEN EYES. Orin is a retired Marine Pilot who served in Vietnam. He and Sherry are "youngster" sweethearts and have just celebrated 56 years of marriage! They live in Coronado, have 3 grown children, and live just across the Coronado Bridge from my daughter- so naturally, I hooked them up.

Loopers Sherry and Orin Riddell in Lyons, NY

After shipping their boat from the San Diego Harbor, they began their present journey on January 1, 2022, in Kentucky, ...They are pulling out the boat in Buffalo and having it trucked to Anacortes, Washington, where they plan to head to Alaska! Sherry is a retired English teacher, and Orin dabbles in small urban renewal... He had a gazillion ideas about Lyons...

Loopers Uhl from Connecticut aboard DRIFTLESS arrived late afternoon on Friday. They had previously visited Lyons and stopped mainly for ice and to sit a spell. Both are cancer survivors.

Loopers Uhl from Connecticut

Looper NEVADATUDE arrived late morning on Saturday. Aboard were Denise and Jerry. Both enjoy the Erie Canal but find it frustrating with early lock closings in some areas. They are anxious to eventually spend a night home in Nevada after two years on their boat.

Nevadatude exiting Lock 28A in Lyons, NY

Late afternoon on Saturday, Joe and Larry arrived aboard their small craft, ADORE ME. They are from Buffalo, drove their truck and trailer to the Hudson River, returned to Buffalo via Amtrack, and are now fulfilling their dream of boating the Erie Canal.

The Hire/ rental boat Canandaigua arrived from Seneca Falls-family folks with two disabled individuals unable to get off the boat. I purchased ice and water for them.

Birgit & Werner Eckardt arrived approx 7 PM on their beautiful sailboat HORIZON. They are returning to their home in Detroit after spending time for business in the Bahamas. When I met them, they were returning from a canal walk and visit with Dave at Lock 27. Fabulous folks!

Birgit expressed her stress with no place to eat on a Saturday evening but said they had wanted to see the canal history here in Lyons, and that is mainly why they stopped... She then asked where they might find "fine dining" on Sunday to celebrate their 36 wedding anniversary... I suggested continuing on the beautiful Erie Canal and stopping in Fairport.

On Saturday evening, Orin and Sherry invited all five boats at the dock to sit under the tent provided by the Greeters- there, they had "docktails" and good stories filled with a bit of BS - mostly from me. Sherry called my wife Vickie and assured her that I was in safe company- They are the type of positive and energetic people everyone needs to meet! This morning early in the rain, I said farewell to the boaters and had a wonderful conversation in German with Birgit and Werner... an unforgettable experience... Ask Mitch the Lockmaster at 27- he was surprised to hear the conversation and not know what was being said- yah ist!

Unless greeters meet them, most boats are out of Lyons by 9 AM each day. This morning, All five boats were off the Lyons wall by 9:30.

This was again a special group- before Friday, none of them had ever met each other- they met here in Lyons, and when they share "boating cards" in the future, the card will always say, "We met in Lyons, NY, Lock 27" ..... PR for Lyons at its best!

At the dock this evening are Oneida and a Looper C Dory named Sea Traveller. Both are vacant at this moment.

A sailboat named JIM TILLY arrived a few moments ago - headed to Connecticut from Buffalo. The crew was hungry and anxious to leave at daybreak in the morning.

Jim Tilly sailboat docked in Lyons, NY

From Friday morning till a few moments ago, 14 boats have stopped or docked in Lyons...

What is in the name of the boat GREEN EYES? Orin and his children named the boat after the color of Sherry's eyes- Green Eyes... Yah ist!

We still need many bodies to help with the cruises this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Thanks to those of you who responded to the first request. I will get back to you in another day or so. If you are interested and available to help, get in touch at 315-573-1068. Thanks in advance!

Next weekend, over 300 folks will either arrive at or depart from the Lyons dock... For many of them, especially from out of state, this will be their first visit to Lyons!

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