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Another Great Weekend On The Erie!

Friday morning Looper SEA GEM from Kennewick, Washington State arrived with Darin and Susan Rodabaugh at the controls. They had a marvelous tour of the Hotchkiss and biked the community in the evening. On Saturday morning they "spent a few" at the Farmer's market and also purchased fried dough. After a long chat, they moved on to Newark... SEA GEM is planning to visit as many canalside communities as possible and thought every community should promote the Canalway the way Lyons does!

On Saturday morning, Loopers Mike & Gina Gribble and two friends arrived from Seminole, Florida aboard THIS IS WHAT. They had docked in "Mosquito Heaven" at the wall of Lock 25 at May's Point. They had heard about Lyons and had a mission in mind: fried dough, a tour of the Hotchkiss Building, and a visit to "some kind of museum tag sale" within walking distance of the canal. They moved on to Newark in the early afternoon.

On Saturday, while visiting and welcoming This is What, another boat approached from the east- WHIMSEA, a beautiful Lord Nelson Victory Tug owned and piloted by Barbara Robertson. She had traveled from Florida, into the Saint Lawrence Seaway, visited Canada, and was now traveling the western Erie with Lake Erie as a destination. She had docked in Clyde the previous evening. Barb is a licensed captain, owns the boat, and usually travels alone! She stayed on the boat for the day, rested, and planned her next long-term voyage. Take it from me, the interior of the boat is gorgeous.

On Saturday evening, a small pontoon boat owned by Jm Deery, a former student and avid fisherman from Newark, graced the low dock.

So what about boat names this week?

"THIS IS WHAT" is very meaningful to Mike and Gina: "This is what" we are, "This is what" we have worked for... "This is what" we do. "This is what" we have always dreamed about. "This is what" we do to spend our grandchildren's money"!

"WHIM SEA" is the story of Barb's life. She has not really ever cared for land travel, but she has spent years on the sea, going wherever she felt drawn, definitely a whim for the sea"!

Without exception, every boater this past weekend marveled at the cleanliness and welcoming appearance of the Lyons Dock! Thanks to everyone who volunteers and helps make it happen...

Thanks to Wayne County Tourism and Finger Lakes Times for posting Canal Cruise information.... much appreciated!

And don't forget, "Fun on the Erie" August boat cruise tickets are selling fast! View more info at the link here -


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