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Katherine "Kitty" was born in 1869 to John and Bridget Frawley Moran.

Kitty graduated from Clyde High School and from the Geneseo Normal School in 1890. For 35 years, she served as a teacher in the school systems of Syracuse, Lyons, and Clyde. In 1930 she became the 2nd wife of local farmer Alexander Wykle, widower. Kathryn was always fascinated with politics, and she became quite active in the Democratic party. In March 1937, at the age of 68, she was elected as Mayor of the village of Clyde - the first woman to head ANY village government in NYS. Two years later she was elected for a second two-year term. During her terms, several large businesses were brought to the village including Vulcan Heel and Acme Electric Corp. The latter became General Electric. Both of these companies greatly boosted the economy of the village. And it is entirely true - a village which had been in sad financial shape when she took office was in the black by the end of her first term. One wonders how she managed it, with a board whose members were all from the opposing party!

Katherine "Kitty" Moran Wykle

Katherine "Kitty" Moran Wykle

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