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Unlock History


Wayne County Historical Society now features an exciting new podcast called
Unlock Wayne County which will feature and celebrate the wide variety of unique and interesting people, places, businesses, and events around the region. As we explore the deep history of our county and current "happenings" that might otherwise go unnoticed, we invite you to take hold of the keys to discovery through these conversations with the people of Wayne County, New York.

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This podcast can be heard on the following podcast platforms: iHeart Radio,, Apple Podcast Connect, Spotify, Amazon/Audible, Samsung Podcasts, Podcast Index, Listen Notes, TuneIn/Alexa, Pandora/Sirius FM.   Coming soon to YouTube/Google Podcast.


Historic Pursuits, Ohmann Theatre, Wayne County Tourism, The Christmas Store of NY, and more. See show notes for episode sponsors.


If you are interested in sponsoring this podcast by becoming an episode advertiser, please email us today.  

GUESTS: If you would like to suggest a featured topic and guest, please email us with suggestions

Newsletter - Wayne History 3 - Unlock History

Wayne County Historical Society publishes a periodic newsletter with upcoming events and historical tidbits. 

Access these Newsletters here in PDF.

Winter 2024

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