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Mary Simpson Smart, daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. R. Spencer Simpson, was a graduate of Lyons schools and Wellesley College, like her mother before her. She worked at Time Inc., in New York City and at movie studios in Hollywood, pursuing her passion as a writer and supporting herself as a secretary and - most rewardingly - as personal assistant to actress Joan Fontaine! Returning to Lyons in 1948, she married local businessman William J. Smart on November 4, 1949, and for a number of years wrote and published numerous articles on local history, as well as a short story, "Shaw's Law" in the February, 1950 issue of "Woman's Day." For decades she also researched the personal papers of American Beaux Arts Sculptor Frederick MacMonnies. Her definitive biography, "A Flight with Fame, the Life and Art of Frederick MacMonnies," was published in 1996. Mary was 103 years old when she died.

Mary Smart

Mary Smart

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