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The Museum of Wayne County History is housed in the former Wayne County Jail and Sheriff's residence, featuring three floors of local history displays and a two-story carriage house open seasonally.


January through March 6 - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  10am - 4pm

March 12 through April 20 - Tuesday - Saturday  10am - 4pm

April 22 through Dec 7 - Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm

2024 Main Exhibit
Military Memories:
Our County for Our Country

May 27 through November 30

Our nation, comprised of people from all around the globe, formally began its quest for independence in Massachusetts, embattled at Lexington and Concord, on April 19, 1775. Our ancestors and the founding citizens charted an historical enclave of documents and stories that have become our history. Through many military conflicts, campaigns and warfare, Wayne County citizens have enlisted, supported, fought, and died for the nation they called home. Despite the controversies that came before and extend beyond the battlefield, and rather because of the ongoing efforts of these local men and women through times of national strength and weakness, we now commemorate their contributions.

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We invite you to contribute Military Memories from Wayne County residents, past and present. This can be through oral or written recollections or writings as well as through photos, documents, or artifacts on loan to us for public display. Please use the Military Memories button here to let us know about you or your family's interest to participate.


We have Wayne County posters, magnets, cloth bags, postcards, stickers, t-shirts (limited sizes) and Erie Canal posters by world-renowned eclipse artist and scientist, Dr. Tyler Nordgren. 

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Many thanks to all of our
Bicentennial Sponsors!

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